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Chloe Louise Crawford
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Chloe Louise Crawford is finding life a lot over the “top” these days.

But then that’s to be expected since this beautiful young woman is not only a dancer in the popular adult revue FANTASY at the Luxor but is also Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Month” for February. And, clothes aside, the personable British-born entertainer has a lot to get off her chest.

“I wanted to do Playboy for six years – I was a big fan of Girls Next Door with Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson – but I never sent my stuff in,” Crawford reveals. “Then, in 2013, I sent my photos and bio to Playboy and I got called to L.A. for casting. They interviewed me and took their own pictures of me – they want to know what you look like naturally without the pictures being photo-shopped. I was chosen to be ‘Cyber Girl of the Week’ in January and then ‘Cyber Girl of the Month’ for February. When you’re ‘Cyber Girl of the Week,’ people rate you and if you get a good response, and if the photographer and casting director like you, Playboy will shoot you again.”

Crawford admits that she was nervous initially because that was the first time she had ever been shot by a female photographer and had to trust her. But she found the Playboy photographer, Holly Randall, to be really great and loved the finished photos. Crawford has already tested for the Playboy print magazine but her real goal is to get a hosting gig on television, having had the opportunity to shoot with Playboy TV when they came to Las Vegas to film a day in her life.

As far as her performing topless in FANTASY goes, Crawford  admits that her biggest worry is not being able to get her bra off when she needs to because the catch won’t open.

“I hadn’t performed topless since I was 19,” the 25-year-old dancer notes. “It’s not too bad when you get used to it. It’s no big deal. Everyone else in the show is doing it, too.  And FANTASY is such a classy show. Anita Mann  (the producer) always makes us feel comfortable. We wear fishnets so that there are no bare legs.”

Crawford, who performed in Europe for many years, is not only a trained dancer with variety skills including aerial silks and pole choreography – she does a pole number in FANTASY that she choreographed herself – but she is also a trained magician’s a assistant working afternoons in husband Murray Sawchuck’s show, “Murray Celebrity Magician,” at the Tropicana.

 “I met Murray six years ago when we were both touring in Mexico,” she relates. “I was touring in a production show and Murray was doing his own show. His assistant was leaving and she asked me if I would like to work with him. I did, and Murray and I became really good friends. I came to Las Vegas to be with him and he came to Germany for a vacation when I was performing there. He got the show at the Tropicana and I moved to Las Vegas to join his show in 2012. Murray and I got married on July 20, 2012 and in October 2012, I joined the cast of FANTASY.”

In 2013, Crawford appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, on the cover of Strip LV Magazine, and in Tradeshow Lifestyles. She also guest-starred on History Channel’s Top Gear USA, Hallmark’s Home and Family, The Marie Show, and Masters of Illusion.

“I’ve always loved the United States,” she says.  “But it took me a while to get used to Las Vegas and to get settled here. Living here is very different – it’s not that big a place. I only knew Murray and a few other people and I missed my family and longtime friends in England. It took a while to find where I fit in here. But now, I’m settled and I love the fact that there’s so much to do and see in Vegas anytime of the day or night. But apart from my family and friends back in Portsmith, I also miss the food  -- my mom brings me some in a mini-suitcase when she comes over here.”

Besides their careers, Crawford and Sawchuck are also very involved in animal causes and last year did a charity show called Friends for Life for the Humane Society at the Tropicana.

“We rescued our dog from there last year,” Crawford smiles. “Then we walked into a pet store and came out with another one.”

In any area of her life, Crawford is not one to rest on her laurels. She is now taking singing lessons and learning magic in preparation for what she might consider doing five or ten years down the road.

“I’m learning new things and trying to be more open to trying other things,” she sums up.

From top to bottom, Chloe Louise Crawford is one person who truly knows the ropes.

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