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Donny Osmond: Walk, Run, Sit

Donny Osmond sitting on his couch at Walker Furniture
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Donny sitting on his couch at Walker Furniture


When it comes to sustaining on the entertainment scene, legendary headliner Donny Osmond long ago proved that he has “legs,” which has kept him in motion all over the world and most recently in Las Vegas. Besides having walked out on stage at the Flamingo for the past eight years with his sister Marie and having just renewed their contract though 2017 at the hotel, this Saturday, October 15th, Donny will be hosting The Danny Gans Memorial Champions Run for Life at Town Square to benefit the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

But when it comes time to sit, Donny has his own special way to get off his feet -- his very own furniture line, Donny Osmond Home, with his wife, Debbie. And, ironically, folks can find it at a furniture store called Walker’s on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Las Vegas.

“Six years ago, the line was just an embryonic idea,” he explains. “Debbie and I thought that it would be great to do something together as business partners. You never really know what something is going to be like but after starting it, we realized that we had something and wanted to do it right. We had no idea the brand would become so huge. We are intricately involved. We don’t just love names.

“We’re approaching 1,000 skus,” he continues. “You need a lot of skus. Debbie puts together her Pinterest board, which is the basis for our inspiration. All of our menu partners go on our Pinterest board and Debbie and I lay down the protocol that everyone has to coordinate. Our menu partners bring us ideas – they bring us what they do best. Debbie and I are online constantly and when we travel the world, we bring back ideas. For example, we took a picture of a lamp we saw in London and put it on Pinterest. What we post immediately goes to our designers and they create a Donny and Debbie item.”

As for those menu partners, they include Coaster, which makes the furniture; Sagebrook, which creates the accessories; Capital, which does the lighting, and Kaz, which makes the rugs. Everything is coordinated on Donny Osmond.com.

“The line has really taken off the last two years,” Donny notes. “Our idea was to design a whole house and be a one-stop shop. I love the detail that’s been put into it. It’s like putting on a show with the lighting, choreography, and costumes and even adding a new song. There is so much detail involved in putting out a line of home furnishings. Primary to us is the price point. Our philosophy is to keep the price as low as possible and to keep the quality high. We seek middle ground – we want to appeal to the masses.”

The second thing, according to Donny, is that people want to buy a piece that means something, one that has a story behind it or sentimental value to it. He cites the fact that folks grew up with the memory of the "Donny and Marie" television show and he points out that the line, like the show, is all about family and is family-friendly.

“When you have a home, you want to make it as comfortable and affordable as possible,” Donny says. “That’s what Debbie and I wanted to do, “We have two different styles of furnishings – like Marie’s and my signature, one’s a little bit country and the other is a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. The country style is more rustic and the city style is glossier and more high-end. But the two can be mixed together – it’s whatever suits one’s taste.

“Not everyone can afford to change out furniture when trends changes,” he sums up. “So we make everything as neutral and basic as possible so that they can accent with pillows, vases, and other things to bring color into the room. That way, they can change things without spending an arm and a leg.”

He definitely has a leg up on business.

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