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Big Boys and Their Toys Come to Las Vegas Oct. 11-13

One of Big Boys Toys at Las Vegas show
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There is an old saying, “Boys never actually grow up. Their toys just get bigger and more expensive.” Well now, the proof is in the products as attendees to the Big Boys Toys – The Innovation & Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center October 11-13 will see.

The show, which is making its debut in the U.S. and will showcase “firsts” in a dozen categories or more, also has the top-of-the-line innovative items for women, kids, and pets as well as men. The latest and greatest one-if-a-kind in categories such aa Aviation, Adventure, Fashion, Drive, Digital, Lifestyle, Marine, Off-Road, Ride, Kids' World, Pets' World, Wellness, and Woman's World will be front and center at the show.

“I was running a corporate events company in Dubai since 2003,” says Biju Jayaraaj, Chief Executive Officer of Big Boys Toys- The Innovation & Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition. “This show has been a big success in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi for several years. In 2009, a big company, DMG, was about to launch this exhibition. They turned the concept over to us and although I had never done an exhibition before, I took the concept and completely changed it, designed it, and turned it towards innovation. We had items such as a diamond-encrusted Bentley.”

“We’ve had things like a bottle of water for $900,000 – the bottle is diamond-studded – and a mattress for $80,000,” he continues. “Two of three items at these exhibitions have been bought by the Royal family of Dubai. My favorite toy is one in which there is a small ball on the table and two people sit opposite each other wearing a headband attached to a computer monitor. It monitors each other’s heartbeat and if you are more relaxed, the ball moves to the other person.”

According to Jayaraaj, Las Vegas is the perfect place for this exhibition because, contrary to the famous slogan, what happens in Vegas, the world talks about. He has teams of people who research the most innovative products all over the world and then contact the manufacturers and see if they would like to put their products in the exhibitions. Usually there are no more than 100 items per show. For Las Vegas, there will be 50 this year but more in coming years.

Here are some examples of what you will see at the show:

Jet Pack Aviation - world's only Jet Pack targeting a global launch. MORE PEOPLE HAVE WALKED ON THE MOON THAN FLOWN A JET PACK!

Atol Avion - amphibious light sport aircraft and amongst the most expensive products on display at Big Boys Toys.

Superperformance, USA specially constructed race cars, featuring a 1968 Ford GT40 worth $5 million dollars and Daytona Coupe worth $7 million dollars.

Stancraft Boats - Redefining excellence in Marine & Design. One of the most interesting concepts at the show highlighting wooden boats. Targeting a global launch of its 360' Hammerhead.

Sandrail Fabricators - The King of Sand Terrain

Park West Gallery - World's largest Art Dealer bringing the experience of collecting fine art. Launching a full museum calibre Picasso ceramics collection, along with a world-class collection of living artists.

Evolution trikes - Revolutionary flying trikes. A unique concept of flying trikes.

“We have reality toys for kids from Slovania that have never been seen before and fancy pet collars from Denmark,” Jayaraaj adds. But we also have gadgets that people can buy that range in price from $50 to $100,” says “This show is like a Disneyland for grown-ups. Once we reach our full potential, we will add to the economy of Vegas in a big way. We have people flying in from Bangkok and Malaysia for this show.”

Jayaraaj has lived in India, Oman, Dubai and is currently based in L.A. He attributes his clarity of thought and self-awareness to his life's experiences which bring him spiritual peace.

This show is open to the public. Friday's tickets are $100 which gives you an up close-and-personal chance to see the exhibits and enjoy all access for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are $10..

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