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Putting Your Skin on the Line

Valerie Sandu, creator of Valerie's Secret skncare line
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Photo of Valerie Sandu

Every once in a while, I accidentally stumble upon something that, on the face of things, can be a true game-changer. That’s how I discovered Valerie’s Secret …and I soon realized that it’s one that goes skin-deep.

Valerie’s Secret is a skincare line that I discovered quite serendipitously while attempting to cancel a product that I had gotten a free trial of on the internet before it became an expensive monthly autoship. The name was one letter off from “Valerie” and without the bottle in front of me, I mistakenly thought it was called “Valerie” and ended up going to the Valerie’s Secret website (currently being renovated), and left a cancel message on the phone number I found there,

I immediately got a call from Valerie herself, who told me that some companies have been trying to copy her formulas, albeit unsuccessfully, and sell them online and that I wasn’t the first person from whom she had received a call in error like mine. In my conversation with this lovely European woman, during which she asked me what my skin concerns were, I was deeply impressed by her sincerity and dedication to her business. She is someone who truly is motivated by her belief that you have to really care about someone, not just sell them a product.

“I am Hungarian-Romanian but was raised in Romania,” Valerie told me. “I moved to Newport Beach, California, in 1987. I was always interested in skincare and was educated in health and nutrition in Europe. I’ve always believed in herbs and would put them in water and make a tea that I would put on the skin to heal or cure any problem. I began formulating ideas for natural skincare products on paper. I saw that what was on the market was often not only not affordable but it didn’t work.

“In 2000, I put together actual formulations for skin doctors, encouraging them to try something natural,” she continues. “I found manufacturers who worked with natural products and doctors started selling my products under private label. Five prominent dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the United States currently carry my products under private label and my products are also sold under private label by doctors in four countries in Europe.”

Valerie also explained that the public can buy her products directly from her, plus she will work with an individual to formulate a skincare regiment for that person one-on-one. At the end of our talk, she offered to send me her Collagen Cream with Hyaluronic Acid & Acai and Gentle Eyes eye cream. Still, having tried numerous expensive department store products, as well as several internet free trials of alleged “miracles” supposedly used by Hollywood royalty and endorsed by Dr. Oz, all of them promising the moon and delivering a desert, I approach everything with skepticism.

But after one application of Valerie’s collagen cream and seeing and feeling how my skin looked and felt, and being even more enthralled after using it for two weeks, I was sold on her products and went for her entire incredible anti-aging line. And the most amazing part? Valerie’s products, formulated from the finest natural ingredients, range from. $18.50 to $36.00.

“I don’t make a big profit on my products but I am committed to what I do,” Valerie candidly admits. “I didn’t start this with the idea of making money –I’ve just always wanted to help people, both women and men. A product like my Vitamin C serum in Nordstrom, for example, sells for $120 and doesn’t have as much Vitamin C as mine and mine costs $36. I wanted to formulate products that everyone can afford and, at the same time, see results from.

“My line is as natural as it can be but every cream must have preservatives,” she adds. ”Still, I keep those amounts as low as possible. My object is to replace what the body naturally loses as we get older, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. I also have a line made for teenagers with acne as well as a body cream for menopausal and post-menopausal women. I also have a cream for the face called Restful Sleep that is made with transdermal melatonin and collagen and relaxes and tones the skin and lulls people into a good night’s sleep.”

Valerie currently has 16 products altogether, including a Rosewater spray and vitamins, and will be debuting on a men’s line (although men can also effectively use the products she has out now) in about a month as well as something called Boraje Oil, which is good for rashes and dry, cracked skin such as one gets in the winter. One of the unique things about Valerie’s Secret is that it works on any skin type and color. In fact, she even has doctors in the African-American community asking to put her products under private label.

Valerie’s Secret is something that you have to experience for yourself. So if you are interested in “saving face,” talk to Valerie personally at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 949-333-9645.

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